Slide, Swing, & Pivot Gates

Slide Gates

We offer cantilever slide gates that function either with four rollers or an aluminum rail system (two truck rollers in most cases). Colorado weather and unpaved driveways increase the need for these types of systems. V groove track systems are more suited for warm climate regions. 

Facia – If you are looking for an arch look in a slide gate, we will need to step the facia out in order for the gate to roll open and closed. This is an extra step that involves extra design, time, material and sometimes hardware. In short, we can fabricate just about any design you can provide to us. Wood is popular and can be designed to match existing fencing. Because the gates slide open and closed there would need to be plenty of space for the gate to open. A rule of thumb is to multiply your entrance by 1.5 to get an approximate overall length of your gate. 

Standard – This is defined as a standard rolling cantilever design. This involves the design or structure to lay inside of the frame which is 2”. Wood can be incorporated into these designs as well with some restrictions. 

Swing Gates

We offer single and dual swing gates systems. Our experience with designs and systems will show up in our meetings as we will only offer solutions that have been attempted in the field. We use ball bearing hinges and appropriate steel posts that compensate for the weight of your chosen design. We automate existing swing gates as well as design and fabricate new installations.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical pivot gates can be a great solution when tight areas exist. Storage facilities rely on these typically for this reason. They are also very reliable. There are some versions of vertical pivots like the self collapsing or folding types that we do not recommend. 

Barrier Gates

In some cases properties or residents just need an barrier arm to let vehicles know not to enter parking areas around town or in remote areas. We can help with options.

Slide Gates


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